Our Product

All Vegetable Suet

A specially formulated pure vegetable suet using NO hydrogenated fats to replicate beef suet.

Production is temperature controlled at all times from intake of raw materials to warehousing of finished product giving a fully tempered product without the need for chilled or frozen storage by our clients.

We only use Sustainable Palm Oils certified as : RSPO Fully Segregated Palm Oils

Can be used easily at temperatures from 8°C – 18°C.

Shelf life: 9 months

Manufacturing Process

Produced from:

  • Pure Vegetable Oils & Fats
  • All Palm Oils and Fats are designated ‘Fully Segregated’ (RSPO) and only come from ‘Sustainable’ plantations
  • Our Suet is produced in a dedicated factory in Liverpool, England under full Audit approval of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Cert No: 1491638
  • Shredded Fats are blended with wheat flour to produce a friable Suet that is easily incorporated into pastry mixes.


Applications are many and inlcude, as well as traditional British product:

  • Suet Puddings & Pies
  • Mince Pies
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Caribbean Street Food

Eccelso British Vegetable Suet produces great flakey pastry.